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Dr. Brian Garrett

Dr. Brian Garrett

What to Expect

Join us this Sunday, April 14, 2024, at Skyline Church as we welcome Dr. Brian Garrett, an esteemed local chiropractor and expert in auto collision injury rehabilitation. In this presentation, Dr. Garrett will delve into effective strategies for managing and healing from back injuries sustained in auto collisions.

Drawing upon his wealth of experience and expertise, Dr. Garrett will guide attendees through holistic approaches to recovery, encompassing chiropractic care, rehabilitative techniques, and lifestyle adjustments.

Whether you’re currently dealing with an auto collision-related back injury or seeking preventive measures, this presentation offers invaluable insights to help you reclaim your health and well-being. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the foremost authorities in the field.

The format of this presentation will be lecture-style combined with real-time Q&A. We encourage all attendees to participate and ask questions during the presentation.

Those watching remotely through Zoom can ask questions online and our moderator will communicate them to the presenter.

Refreshments are generously provided each week by Arlene Arreola. Donations to help cover the costs are accepted. Additional refreshments will be available for purchase downstairs at the Skyline Café after class. We ask that you exercise good stewardship and help us keep the facility in good order by cleaning up after yourself.

Once the class is officially dismissed, we encourage ongoing information exchange and networking. If you have any questions that did not get answered in class, please email them to us and we’ll either incorporate the responses into a future session or email you back directly.

Mrs. Lasota is a married mother of two who has lived in San Diego since 1980. She became a member of Skyline Wesleyan Church back in 1991 while Dr. John C. Maxwell was still head pastor. Employed as a radiology technician since 1979, she is a mammographer by trade, but also provides caregiving services in addition to being self-employed in different vocations. As a serial entrepreneur, she also owns an online travel website, www.Avicat-Travel.com or www.Avicat.com.

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How to Engage

Attend in Person

We meet in room M-1 located upstairs above the Skyline Café.

View Live Broadcast

We meet in room M-1 located upstairs above the Skyline Café.

Watch the Replay

You can watch this presentation on demand on our YouTube channel.

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