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Somehow “entrepreneuring for Christ” doesn’t sound too Christian. In fact, it seems to convey some kind of commercialization of the faith. We define it as the efforts to bring about new economic, social, institutional, and cultural environments through the actions of an individual or group of individuals in a Christ-like manner. Entrepreneuring for Christ is actually a principle that is taught in the parable of the minas in Luke 19. 

As servants of the Lord, we are not only expected to be faithful in our various areas of responsibility, we’re supposed to be enterprising faithful servants, which means we’re supposed to be as effective as possible in “doing business” with the opportunities God gives us. We all differ in abilities, talents, responsibilities, skill sets and gifts, but we all have one life here on earth in which to invest them in. Every Christian is on an equal footing in this respect. 

Obviously, we shouldn’t be ambitious to the point where we’re “running ahead of God”. And we’re not to be so risk-oriented that we fail to “count the cost” (Luke 14:25­-32). When our entrepreneuring is directed by the Holy Spirit we will not be ahead of His schedule and the risks we undertake will be a “sure bet.” Furthermore, we will find that He puts divine resources and strategic helpers in our path who will support us in our endeavors.

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